You Can Do it Again

But this time, let's make it happen faster. 

Feel into this:  

You’ve created 6+ figures in a year, now, let’s compound time. 

6 figures in 6 months. 

6 figures in a quarter. 

6 figures in 30 days. 

6 figures in a week. 

You know it’s possible, the potential exists. 

You’ve witnessed it happen to others around you, and now it’s your turn. 

You’re ready to not only make it happen, but you’re ready to Make It F’ing RAIN. 

And you know what that means, it’s time to seek support on this journey, and you’ve been looking. 

You see a handful of capable coaches and mentors out there daily, but you’re looking for something else… 

You’re looking to hire the best mentor possible: 

Someone who’s been where you are. 

Someone whose clients create the results you desire in record time. 

Someone whose teachings are simple and energetically lead. 

Someone who gets it. 

This isn’t your first rodeo. 

In fact, you’re already successful. 

You love the work you do. 

The content you share is magnetic. 

And your audience looks up to you as their go to expert to help them. 

But you know there's more available for you. 

  • More time to spend living your life in alignment with your desires. 
  • More wealth to support you and your families dreams. 
  • More freedom to be who you want to be. 

You have  been excited to create this new reality but it hasn’t quite happened yet - you've been using the same strategies and mindset that got you to your first 6 figure year... but to scale, it's time for a fresh new process.

It’s time to flip that magic light switch and witness all the time, wealth and freedom flowing to you… on demand


I know what it's like:

To be seeing HOW it could happen, but yet the sales don’t come in the way you expected. 

To be in your head about if it’s all going to work… even though the business you’ve created is already successful. The comparison, fear and silly mind games still surface. 

To witness your biz besties, peers and even clients hit the milestones you so desire to cross, leaving you to wonder, is it really that easy?

I  get it. And I  also get how unpredictable life can be. 

How when things get on a roll in our business, sometimes something in our personal life and throw us off. Maybe for a day, a week or even a couple months. 

You’ve invested in your business, brand and mindset. You have your own unique way of doing things but you’re ready for the next level that your soul is calling you towards. 

I know this all & I’ve lived it all. 

But most importantly, I  pushed past it all and created the life of my dreams.

Almost all of my clients have the same moment right before their big take-off.

Right before their shift is locked in, the fears, doubts, shame, and guilt bubble to the surface.

And here’s the thing I  always remind them: 

“Your ability to create in your business and life is not held in the hands of some invisible man in the clouds… it’s held by you. 

So ask yourself… Are you ready to flip the switch? 

Are you ready to Make It Rain?”

-> The first time, nearly 5 years ago that a client crossed their first $100k month I  promised myself and God that I  would go on a journey to teach women how EASY business can be. <-

And in time my clients began to call me: The Queen of Ease! 

Past Client Results: 

  • $100k in 3 months
  • $200k Sales month
  • Multiple clients crossing 7 figures 
  • $86k month
  • 6 Figures in 6 Months
  • $25k months in 4 weeks
  • $27k cash week
  • $38k sales day
  • && more


Your 7 figure business is waiting, are you ready to step

into this journey?

Make It Rain is an elevated and elite mastermind for women scaling from 10k months to 100k months.

Where knowledge builds ease & energy creates flow.

Proven & signature processes create the path for this success, the accountability is found with the intimate community & the support is found in the individualized mentorship led by myself and supported by your peers.

When you enroll in

Make It Rain you…

Become a part of the most amazing community of business owners. You align with my energy & the high vibrational energy of my clients and your peers in this sacred space. Your magnetism will be turned up to 10, helping you call in the most amazing clients and audience. 

You will find yourself being able to detach fully from work while you’re off living your life & when working being fully present in your work. Where working smarter not harder meets working less & making more. And honestly, so much more. 

Think: effortless sales processes, consistent income, scaleable processes, simplified funnels, organic automation, deep alignment, unshakeable trust &&&& more.

We begin with six months together…  12 mastermind calls where you will be supported in so many conversations, through so many moments & celebrated at every turn. 6 Power Hour sessions & 6 Office Hour deep dives. Daily support on Telegram && so much more. 

Welcome to Make It Rain: The Mastermind

Let’s get this show on the road, shall we? 



The Mastermind

 A 6 month mastermind for 6 figure bosses ready to create more...




The Details:

  • 2 Mastermind Calls per month - dedicated time for training followed by time to be  supported on an individual basis while also witnessing the journey of your peers. 
  • 2 1:1 Sessions per Month - this is time set aside to deep dive breakthroughs, create big shifts and more.
  • Monthly Power Hour Sessions - an integration session to co-work and be supported by myself or guest experts. 
  • Telegram chat for Peer & Mentorship Support 


  • Million Dollar Activator call 1:1
  • Lifetime access to The Vault
  • Guest Experts to support you on things such as Legal, Branding, Tech, Energy & more
  • And a couple secret bonuses ;)

Some of the Focused topics for The Mastermind trainings: 

  • The Alchemy of $1 million years. 
  • The Foundations. 
  • On-Demand Sales with Consistent Cash Code
  • Divine Leadership & Elevation
  • Unlocking Divine Magnetism 
  • Energetic of Balancing Life & Business  
  • Million Dollar Lessons
  • Sell without Selling
  • Posting --> Profit.
  • The 7 Figure Cash Codes Activation
  • Position Mastery 
  • Brand Elevation
  • Stories that sell
  • & more...

Some of the Focused topics for The Mastermind trainings: 

  • The Alchemy of $1 million years. 
  • The Foundations. 
  • On-Demand Sales with Consistent Cash Code
  • Divine Leadership & Elevation
  • Unlocking Divine Magnetism 
  • Energetic of Balancing Life & Business  
  • Million Dollar Lessons
  • Sell without Selling
  • Posting --> Profit.
  • The 7 Figure Cash Codes Activation
  • Position Mastery 
  • Brand Elevation
  • Stories that sell
  • & more...


My Promise

You’ll always be supported. You will never feel alone, lost, or confused on this journey. 

My Goal

Simplifying your business & strategy, balance and align yourself to your vortex & to help you scale  to a baseline of $500k, if not a million per year (and beyond). 

My Belief

If I’ve helped my clients create it before, I can help you create it too.

$500k / $700k / $1 Million  cash years? Easy. 

$75k - $300k launches & months?  We can do it in our sleep. 

Booked out offers? Yep, that one too. 

$50k cash weeks? Effortless. 

More time, wealth and freedom? Uhhmmm yea baby, thats why we’re here! 

If it’s been done before, it can be done again,

 but this time… faster. 


"Just wanted to say how grateful I am for this space … I  love this (community) energy and feel on fire!!!!"

"so pumped and motivated"

"This chat is literally lighting my fire right now!!!!"

"How potent being in these vibes"

"you’ve lit a fire (in me) Maria Wik"

"I feel a renewed fire thanks to Maria and this space"

"I love it here"

"I will tell you, this container feels so grounded, calm, and fiery all at once. And a large part of that is just how you show up  I feel like I can just be me. No guard needed."

"(The Mastermind) went so so fast. It was a great time and I grew and had my eyes opened to so much.  Just continued application and utilizing the systems you taught us! Thank you Maria for this experience! It lit a major fire under my booty when I needed it most. So much love for you!"

"This container has made me fall in love. It’s my first mastermind & it’s been epic!"

AND SO MUCH MORE.... but you get the point. :) 

A love note...

Friend, I am so excited you are here. 

Make It Rain is a process, method and lifestyle that began to come through in 2018. In 2021, it became a way of being. And in 2022 I was presented with the calling to make this available for every. 

The ability to create your dream life, by your design. 

I  know how hard it can be to make the decision to drastically improve your life. You're comfortable, in a predictive day to day life & the last thing you want to do is sign up to run a marathon.

... I  SOOO get that, but guess what? You're not running a marathon. You're joining a team of women all on the same journey with you, who are following their mentor (that's me) on a path that's already mapped out, paved and well lit.

There is no reason to continue on this journey alone, and that is why Make It Rain: The Mastermind is perfect for you.  

Our time together begins NOW. The guessing game is over. 

It's time to make money &&& most importantly have fun. On this journey together, my goal is to take you to the most beautiful & abundant business. 

Shall we make it rain? 

xo Maria

Enrollment Details:

The Payment Plan

$4,000/month USD

Are you ready to change your life?


Pay in Full

$20,000 USD

*Save $4,000 in tuition when you Pay In Full

Are you ready to go all-in?

pay over an extended period of time

Apply for Financing

Are you ready to say yes to yourself?


How much money should I be making before joining Make It Rain? 

This is a mastermind for woman whom have already created 6 figures in a year within their business and are looking to scale. 

I want to explore the financing option, can you help me navigate it

Yes! Drop a DM to @themariawik on instagram & my team will be honored to help you walk through the process and answer your questions! 

This financing option is through a third party lender which allows you to create a ‘custom’ repayment plan! Making your initial investment easier to move through.

If I pay on a payment plan do I still get everything? 

Yes! Your ability to change your life happens… instantly, so does your support! 

Do you have a refund policy or guarantee results? 

Results are not guaranteed. In the end, it is up to you to do the work, to show up, to be the best version of yourself, and then the rest will follow. If you enjoy Maria’s teaching style and feel called to this program, that is your answer. But if you feel hesitant, and are looking for a magic wand to solve your problems, Maria is not the mentor for you. 

There is a no refund policy and by purchasing this program you agree to pay your full balance in the time frame agreed upon.

Do you still have questions? 

If you still have questions, DM Maria here: and say “I want to learn more about Make It Rain” so we can make sure you speak directly with Maria as soon as possible.