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The journey to $20k months starts with a single step…

Mastering the Art of Business Ascension.

Tune into this:

✨ching, ching, ching✨

 Your sales are effortless. 

Your direct messages are filled with dreamy potential clients. 

Your calendar is spacious, your time is full of freedom. 

Your bank account is overflowing. 

✨ BAM. ✨

You’ve mastered the art of Business Ascension. 

Have you ever watched a classic horror movie, knowing exactly what the main character is going to do, screaming on the couch “DON'T DO IT. DON'T DO IT!!”? 

Well, I was the main character in the horror movie. And I couldn’t hear the words of those around me, telling me and showing me exactly what I needed to do. 

My business got scary. (Truly….) 

At one point, I had drained my life savings. I constantly invested in the next thing, in “the” secret. I was always looking for the person who would save me from the monster. 

The monster's name: Failure. 

I kept having run-ins with Failure, kept hiding under the bed...

Until one day…

I realized, Failure held no power over me.

No power over my ability. And as I looked failure in the eyes, I only saw myself.  Afraid of my own power. Afraid of what it would be like if it actually happened. 

So I stopped with fear-based investing. Always looking for the magic wand, and instead developed great mastery within my business. I hired a mentor who’s container was a year long and jumped in. 

I kissed Failure goodbye. 

It all changed, every bit of it. 

My income skyrocketed, crossing milestone after milestone. My audience grew, the connections deepened. My clients adored me and my work. 

I held the key all along, but I needed strategy - true *aligned* action steps. I needed to master my mindset and have grace with myself. And lastly, I needed to Master the art of Business Ascension.  

Business Mastery is the missing piece in almost all coaching-based businesses.  Our expertise is amazing, right? But what about the strategy, the back-end organization, the sales process… is that your true expertise?  

The moment everything changed was when I actually implemented the things… The things I had paid tens of thousands of dollars to learn. I did the back-end work, organized my business, and simplified my sales process... I started making thousands in passive income, orangicly & became so magnetic it truly was the embodiment of the easy business I had always dreamed of.

I went from $2k months to $10k to $15k to $20k to $30k and beyond. 

My dreamy ideal clients and hot-to-trot leads were flooding to me. 

My sales were made effortlessly and for the first time since starting my business in early 2017, I felt truly at peace. 

I had become a master of my business. 

The industry…. I love it. But… I hate one thing. 

I hate the way our industry norm, our own societal standards dictate the way we have to invest. 

I had invested over $85,000 over 3 years into courses and programs that were supposed to help me create a certain monetary result, help me implement a strategy and create freedom and ease in my business. 

The problem? The programs latest anywhere from 2-12 weeks, rushing me through the content. And ending with me back to square one, confused, in debt and no clear direction on how to move forward. 

I’d lick my wounds for a month before investing AGAIN. And seeing the same results. 

I was so tired of being treated this way. But, it was the norm. 

Until one day I had 3 conversations with clients on this very subject and I realized. *I* needed to be the change I wished to see in the industry. 

In 2018 Business Ascension Mastery was born. In 2021, it was redeveloped with the clients in mind. -- For the business owner ready for mastery, expansion, knowledge, and consistency.

*The last program ever needed.* 

Lifetime access to strategies, support and connection. 

This is the program, *truly* I always needed. 

#nofluff. #justfacts. 

Business Ascension Mastery

An elite community.

Unlike anything else in the industry.


Content Creation

Sell Without Selling ©

Lead Generation

Magnitism & Mindset

High Ticket Sales

Big Money Alignment

And More...


BAM is essentially four programs housed in one. Each is a crucial pillar in the process of scaling to and beyond 6 figure years.

Instant access is granted upon enrollment with a lifetime to mastery the knowledge & practices.

Chapter 1:

Facts for Freedom

9 deep dive modules on the foundations and structure needed in a coaching-style business. 

Chapter 2:


An 8 module mindset based program designed to make sales enjoyable and bring more YOU into the business. 

Chapter 3:

Consistent Cash Code

4 comprehensive modules with specific directions and guidance for strategies, high ticket sales and lead generation. 

Chapter 4:

Conscious Mastery

A 4 module deep eye-opening program designed to change everything: energy, happiness, business, pleasure.

You get lifetime access to the four programs and nearly a dozen bonuses, hosted in an online portal - accessible on laptops and through the Teachable app. 

Over 20 workbooks. More than 40 easy listening training’s. Unlimited and ongoing support. 

What more could you ask for when stepping into Business Ascension Mastery? 😉



$777 Paid in Full or 8 Weekly Payments of $111 (total of $888)

I created Business Ascension Mastery for the business owner who is deeply ready to have it all: success, freedom, abundance and happiness.


100 prompt content workbook (value $37) 

Alignment Meditation (value $85)

8 Business Mastery workbooks (value $2,500)

Your business requires mastery.

Are you committed to it?



$777 Paid in Full or 8 Weekly Payments of $111 (total of $888)

Will you be joining us this year?

Client Love:

At 24 I crossed my first 6 figures.

At 25, I created multiple six figure cash year and helped so many other women do the same.

I am an Amazon best-selling author. I was featured on TedEd. 

But one of my favorite things… I was featured in Entrepreneur for the work and process I teach here in Business Ascension Mastery. 

I worked my peach off to get here. 🍑 But most importantly, I work my peach off to make sure my clients get here too… with ease. 

Business Ascension Mastery is for the business owner who is: 

⚜️ Unapologetic about their investments and pays in full.

⚜️ Driven and knows they have what it takes to scale from $5k to $10k to $20k and beyond!

⚜️ Ready to run their business like a CEO and not as a hobby. Growing a team, creating proven and replicable process. 

⚜️ Ready to shift their mindset for good so that she can *truly* enjoy their business. 

⚜️ Excited to step into Mastery and create radical and seamless shifts in their business. 

⚜️ Manifesting a juicy way to work with Maria and to personally reap the results of the work she does with her clients. 

⚜️ Believes in their work, trusts their dreams and is ready to invest. 


The journey to multi-six figures starts with a single step - becoming a Master at Business Ascension. 


How much money should I be making before joining Business Ascension Mastery? 

The answer to this question is not how much should I be making, but how badly do you want to make more? If you understand the basics of the coaching industry, this program will be a good fit for you. Don’t think from a space of lack, but rather think from a place of self-empowerment to create your dream life… once and for all. 


If I pay on a payment plan do I still get everything? 

Yes! Payment plan or not, all access to modules, workbooks, bonuses and support starts immediately! All links to support group, weekly coaching and more are all located in the BAM portal! 

Your ability to change your life happens… instantly. 

Do you have a refund policy or guarantee results? 

Results are not guaranteed. In the end, it is up to you to do the work, to show up, to be the best version of yourself, and then the rest will follow. If you enjoy Maria’s teaching style and feel called to this program, that is your answer. But if you feel hesitant, and are looking for a magic wand to solve your problems, Maria is not the mentor for you. There is a no refund policy and by purchasing this program you agree to pay your full balance in the time frame agreed upon.

Do you still have questions? 

If you still have questions, DM Maria here: m.me/mariaewik and say “BAM QUESTION” so we can make sure you speak directly with Maria as soon as possible. 

Click to DM Maria

Hi my love, 

I see you. I really do. Ready to create true and lasting success. Ready to implement the facts and see lasting results. Ready to be supported without always needing to invest time and time again.

I created BAM for you. To intentionally bring you closer to your freedom, your happiness and your desires. Ditch the fluff, the rat race and join me on this on going journey to your success. Your journey to freedom. 

BAM is here to give you everything you need. I am here to support you through every step. No more unanswered questions. No more lack of support. 

The journey to multi-six figures starts with a single step - becoming a Master at Business Ascension. 


Your life is about to change, the moment you say yes. 

See you inside, 

XO Maria 

I am ready to change my life.


Welcome to freedom.

The journey to multi-six figures starts with a single step...

Becoming a Master at Business Ascension.