Business Made Easy

  • Pre-Work
  • 4  Modules 
  • Voxer with Maria
  • Peer Support Group
  • Live Q&A's

Module 1 - The Foundations Of Winning

The core of your business, of you, is the most important foundation in your business. Success, alignment, ease, flow… it all starts here. 

It starts at the core. Energy, intuition, branding, messaging and money-making all happens here. 

Module 2 - Kick-Off

Creating success is the goal, right? To live your dream life and to be happy while doing so… It’s time to learn how to master sales, creating dreamy programs, and actually enrolling aligned level clients.  And girl - it feels good to be highly compensated for your magic… it’s time to fully call it in. It’s time to be feel good about your work.

Module 3 - Refocusing

First and foremost, you are human. Life happens. The boat gets rocked. You spill your drink…. now what? 

Having space, a set of tools, and plans to help you create success while leaving space for being human is so important. And so many skip over this - Sometimes, things don’t go to plan. Sometimes sales don’t go through or goals are missed. How do we refocus, realign and most importantly re-energize?

Module 4 - The Breakdown

No more guesswork. No more ‘what should I  sell’ or ‘how do I  sell it'. Here we break down 4 proven processes to sell everything from $25 passive income offers to $40,000 high ticket offers. But it gets better - it’s not just one way or the high way. There are variations, options, and customization that allows you to create the most effortless and aligned business strategy for yourself possible. 

Stop running your business the way you're ‘supposed to.’ Stop running it the way you ‘should’… It’s time to run the way that feels best for you - it’s your time for a profitable business.

Bi-Weekly Live Q&A 

Come be supported, show up live, be in the conversation. It’s time to make your dreams your reality. Bi-Weekly Live Q&A is offered as support for 90 days following investment. (Access to The Game Plan modules is lifetime)

Over the course of 4 weeks, your life, business, and energy are going to not only feel the way they're supposed to, but are going to align with next-level happiness, abundance, and flow. 


All In: $2,222 USD

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